How to Make a Web Crawler With Selenium

Web Crawling is extremely useful to automate certain tasks performed routinely on websites. You can write a crawler to interact with a website just as a human would do. In an earlier article, we covered the basics of writing a webcrawler using the python module, scrapy. The limitation of that approach is that the crawler Read More …

HP Recalls Laptop Batteries Over Safety Concerns

HP is recalling a number of laptop batteries due to serious safety concerns. Essentially, HP is responding to reports that some batteries on some models can overheat, and recalling all those which may be affected. Which is appreciated, as it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This seems to be something of an annual Read More …

Razer Phone review

Razer’s 120Hz display-enabled smartphone certainly sounds impressive, but can it offer a better mobile gaming experience than what’s already available? Find out in our Razer Phone review.

The best smartwatch deals of January 2018

Smartwatches are a great complement to your smartphone, but they’re expensive. They don’t have to be though – we’ve rounded up all of the best smartwatch deals online to help you grab your next piece of tech at a discount, together with expert smartwatch buying advice.