8 Great Browsers You Can Run on Your Raspberry Pi 3

Whether you’re using your Raspberry Pi as a desktop PC or you want to download some software for your next project, you’ll need web access. The most recent version of the Raspbian operating system comes with Chromium pre-installed. But does this offer the best browsing experience? Many other browsers are available for the Raspberry Pi, Read More …

Drobo 5N2 review

Drobo’s latest NAS starts with the assumption that everyone who buys a NAS box doesn’t start with a full complement of identical hard drives. Here’s our Drobo 5N2 review.


Samsung is pushing its QLED TVs even harder in 2018. But what is the tech behind it, and is it as good as or better than OLED? Let us explain.

Best TV 2018 UK

These are the best TVs you can buy in the UK in 2018. From £249 to £4000, there’s something for every budget and all have a superb picture, regardless of price.